entry-and-construction1We  just took photos of the entry way so you could see what the door looks like from the inside. We added the wall between the entry and dining room and took away the living room doorway wall that was at one time a solid bedroom wall.  We love the privacy of having an entry be a separate room.

We added a before and after photo of the entry so be sure and take a look.


Here is the newest photo I look of the kids room.  A while back we painted chalk board paint on the closet doors so the kids could draw on them. I’ll be adding all the new updates to the room pages as well.   P.S. we are planning on carpeting this room. dsc_7454

New kitchen update

We just added a backsplash! We are so happy with the way it turned out! We used a really colorfull slate. All it needs is grout and sealer and we’re done!closet-doors-and-basement1


Hi there, Welcome to our house blog!  In future posts we will be making a record of the changes we make in restoring our 100 year old home in Logan Utah.  We hope to intrigue potential buyers and inspire fellow home restoration fanatics.  Thanks for reading!

Here is to our first post!